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The QR code may not look much, but behind the black & white reality hides a wealth of opportunities – in fact, the whole web

You may have seen it as you flick through the morning paper or on a poster – a square, two-dimensional figure that we call a QR code (Quick Response code). You may not
have given it another thought, or you may have wondered what these pixels might mean. Clearly they must mean something.


Works like a barcode

QR codes work more or less like the barcodes on our shopping. The difference is that they carry much more information. Often the information provides a link to a website, video, picture or text. What makes the codes accessible to the public is the smartphone. After downloading a QR app, the phone’s camera can scan the symbol and convert it into campaign sites, contact details or discount vouchers. And they can be accessed directly on your mobile. The QR code basically creates a link between an offline medium, whatever it may be, and the web. It has made paper clickable.


Everyone can make up a QR code

Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, created the technology in the 1990s. Since then, the method has become more and more popular. The QR code is designed to be decoded at high speed, hence the name Quick Response code. Initially, it was used to track car parts in the car factory, but now new areas of use are being discovered all the time. Denso Wave never took out a patent on the technology used by the QR code, so anybody can create their own codes. Including you and me. So, how are you going to use it?



Text: Strateg Marknadsföring Anders Thorén

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How to make up a QR code:

Go to any website that generates QR codes. The biggest are qrcode.kaywa.com, qurify.com and delivr.com. Enter the information that you want the code to contain and voilà – you have your own QR code.


How to download a QR code reader:

Go to the App Store, Android Market or other app resource on your smartphone. Search for a QR scanner – two of the most common are QRReader and Quick-Mark.

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