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Direct mail remains immensely popular. Nearly seven in ten people (67%) have a strong connection to direct mail. These people would miss it if it did not fall on their doormat.

Despite the growing amount of information via the Internet and other new media, 6 out of 10 say direct mail provides information that is otherwise not easy to access.  86% of consumers say that direct mail is the form of advertising they remember the most.


Overall 92% read direct mail

  • 91% of addressed direct mail is opened
  • 50% of unaddressed direct mail is seen and read by the recipient. The type of sender determine how many people will read it


One in five reads direct mail to relax but most people do it to find special offers
  • Of those reading the direct mail 48% do it to find special offers. In 2009 it was 40%
  • For 20% orientation was the main function. It was 27% in 2009
  • 20% read direct mail for relaxation


More time spent reading direct mail and it´s increasing every year
  • In 2010 recipients spent 47 minutes per week reading direct mail (in average) 43 minutes in 2009
  • Addressed direct mail has a customer engagement averaging at over 10 minutes
  • 19% of people keep an item of addressed direct mail for future reference


Direct Mail calls to action and it really works
  • 8.6% of consumers request information or make a purchase as a result of receiving direct mail wich is the highest response rate of all mediums
  • 26% of consumers take action as a result of reading direct mail
Both off- and online reactions to DM. But online actions have decreased since the previous year 
  • As many as 92% of the people reading a piece of direct mail will visit the related store within 3 months
  • 51% of the readers will visit a website. 58% in 2009




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