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4 questions to…

..Daniel Peltonen, Mill manager at Hallsta Paper mill, that have stopped all paper production because of last Friday’s fire at the pulp factory.


Daniel Peltonen

How serious is the situation?

“Stopping an operation that is supposed to be producing 24/7 all year around, is always serious. But we have a great team working 24 hours a day to get the situation under control. We will stop at nothing but safety issues, to get our production up and running as fast as ever possible.”


That is the question everyone is asking: when can you restart paper production?

“Truth is we still don’t know for sure. Our paper machines are safe as the fire only hit the pulp production which is situated far from the paper machines. But the cleaning up after the fire is challenging as the equipment and the air is toxic. And before we have cleaned we aren’t able to asses all equipment and damages.”


So your best estimate is?

“Right now we aim to restart part of the pulp production within two weeks from now. What that means in terms of paper production is too early to say. Unfortunately that is how precise we can be today and I know the answer isn’t satisfying anyone. But I can assure you that we do everything we can to get going as soon as possible.”


Is there anything positive in this situation? 

“Well, the fact that the team here at Hallsta once again proofs to be as terrific as I know them to be is an amazing experience. It is said that crisis test you, and I’m proud to see how we on all levels respond to this challenging situation. Even external partners helping us out, do comment in a positive way on how we have set up and organized the work, which is very encouraging. Also the cooperation with our market organization is inspiring and I really hope that also our customers and partners feel that we strive hard to do whatever is possible to solve the situation as smoothly as possible.”

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