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Looking at a catalogue before buying a product on the internet is a habit that is showing no signs of disappearing any time soon. The results of Posten’s (Swedish postal service) E-commerce survey show that people mainly use catalogues because they provide a good overview.

The survey’s respondents say that the main reason for using a catalogue in conjunction with internet shopping is that it gives a better overview. Catalogues also seem to have a de-stressing effect. Almost one in five respondents said that catalogues enable you to look for information calmly, at your own pace.


Posten’s survey shows that almost four out of ten people look at a printed catalogue before buying a product on the internet. Almost one in two people in Finland look at a catalogue before shopping online.


The reason why we in the Nordic countries like shopping from a distance rather than in store, is mainly because it is comfortable and saves time. Many people also say that the range is larger and better. Another reason might be that lots of people live in remote areas a long distance from large population centres with lots of shops.


One in four of the Finnish consumers who use catalogues when internet shopping say that they like catalogues because they can be read whenever you like. Of the catalogues used when shopping online, the most popular are those sent to homes in the post.


Catalogues that customers have picked up in store themselves are used less, particularly in Finland where only six per cent have used them in conjunction with catalogue-related online purchases. Of course, one important reason why catalogues are really used is that they are close at hand. Just over one in three people in Sweden save the catalogues they use when shopping on the internet for more than six months. On average, 39 per cent of the Nordic population who use a catalogue when internet shopping save it for more than two months. In Sweden this proportion is 58 per cent, while in the other Nordic countries approximately 25 per cent save their catalogues for more than two months.


About the survey

The survey was based on telephone interviews with a nationally representative selection of 2 000 private individuals in Sweden and 1 000 in Denmark, Norway and Finland. The interviews were carried out during the period 17 Nov–4 Dec 2010 by TNS SIFO.


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If you read swedish you find the survey here www.posten.se/img/cmt/PDF/e_handeln_i_norden_2011.pdf

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