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We give you “A Better VIEW” with irresistible print results



Holmen VIEW is a challenger. It’s the exciting, smart choice for quality catalogues, successful direct mail and inspiring magazines. Following intensive development – and an unexpected challenge – we are finally able to proudly present A Better VIEW. The paper grade now has new basis weights, enhanced properties and better than ever print results.

Holmen VIEW has been part of Holmen Paper’s range for a while. When the first reels were delivered in 2010, VIEW rapidly became a favourite among many customers. The paper proved perfect for both direct mail and product catalogues, and was also used as an excellent alternative by magazine publishers. 

Enhanced formula gives better print result

Development is key for Holmen Paper and we don’t like to rest on our laurels. We work continuously with product care that takes our papers to the next level – ideally together with you, our customers. 


“Responding to customer preferences and feedback is important. It allows us to improve our products even more,” says Jan Andersson, technical sales and support manager at Holmen Paper.


That’s why we’ve further enhanced our VIEW formula for both gravure and heatset printing. The improvements, including new basis weights and a higher gloss, give our customers what they want most of all – brilliant print results.

An unexpected challenge

Just before the launch of A Better VIEW, we suffered a setback when a fire started at Hallsta Paper Mill. The PM11 paper machine wasn’tdamaged but the pulp factory that supplies PM11 with pulp was. This event delayed the launch significantly, but it also highlighted the skills and commitment of Holmen Paper’s

“We quickly arranged substitute paper for customers awaiting deliveries and we have restored those parts of the mill that suffered fire damage. I can’t speak highly enough of everyone who was involved,” says Holmen Paper CEO Nils Ringborg.

The production of Holmen VIEW is now fully underway once again and provides a paper that is better than ever. 


Improved product and new basis weights

Holmen VIEW retains the properties that our customers appreciate such as high thickness, good readability and brightness. And the fact that the paper is based on fresh fibre, with a sustainable production process. We never compromise on that.

Improvements include an even silkier surface, higher gloss and four brand new basis weights – 47, 50, 53 and 58. These new basis weights reinforce Holmen VIEW’s position within Holmen Paper’s overall product concept – ensuring that your catalogues, magazines and direct mail can retain their thickness, while still losing weight. This paves the way for cost savings – or bigger print-runs. It’s simply A Better VIEW.



Production improvements we’ve made

During the development stage, and thanks to working closely with customers, it emerged that some clients had experienced problems with waviness while others were less satisfied with the smoothness of the surface. We looked into these issues immediately and made a number of changes to the PM11 paper machine:


  • The fibre orientation (anisotropy) has been changed and now varies depending on the printing method to be used.
  • The paper’s moisture content has been adjusted.
  • The temperature of the calender has been increased to obtain a smoother surface.

With its high bulk and low weight, the paper makes efficient use of resources and helps ensure sustainable production.
- Retailer, Germany


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