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Say hello to Holmen TRND

Rough, tough and climate-smartSay hello to Holmen TRND

It is well known that we at Holmen Paper are people committed to paper. And that we practise what we preach – this magazine is the perfect proof of that. The paper you have in your hand is the result of our goal-driven work together with other paper enthusiasts.

The product is called Holmen TRND, a paper that we have packed with feeling. Holmen TRND is an uncoated matte paper with a brightness of 80 and a wide range of options in terms of bulk, grammage and shade. Holmen TRND is a climate-smart paper made from virgin fibre, a renewable raw material that actually improves our environment.

Holmen TRND is rough, tough and a fine fit for magazines that want to make an impression and dare to shake up a quite traditional market. The paper is a true challenger among magazine papers, giving you the best of both worlds. Text and images make a more striking impact and as a whole your magazine takes on a highly credible feel. Holmen TRND is a paper you choose out of raw emotion and artistic ambition!

Tommy Wikstrand, Sales and Development Director Tommy Wikstrand
Sales and Development Director

Four views on TRND

It would of course be exciting to hear what the people doing the job and getting the market to really embrace TRND think about the newcomer to the Holmen Paper team. Here four of the company’s key sales contacts answer four questions about TRND.


1. What do you think
and feel when you
touch the paper?

2. What advantages do you see with TRND?

3. In your opinion, what kind of magazine will fit this paper?

4. What do you think the end users will think about TRND?

Mikael Hjelm, Sales Manager Nordic
pil Mikael Hjelm
Sales Manager Nordic

1. Peace and quiet, forest.

2. The bulk, the matte surface and the eco-profile.

3. Magazines that want to stand out as being different, fashion magazines with a youthful attitude.

4. Different, fashionably rugged, close to nature.

Mikael Hjelm, Sales Manager Nordic
pil Robert Cwierzynski
Senior Sales Manager Poland

1. The bulk/thickness of the paper, which gives warm feelings.

2. Good opacity and stiffness. Gives the impression you received/bought a lot of content, which is positive.

3. Literature, Art, Fashion, Adventures and Crosswords.

4. People who like paper will love it. For the young generation it might feel too classical and heavy, but at the same time they may find it solid and reliable.

Mikael Hjelm, Sales Manager Nordic
pil Christophe Irion
Sales Director France

1. When I touch it my feeling is that Holmen TRND is different. It is not comparable to any other magazine grade. It is rough, bulky and stiff. I like this product especially in higher grammages.

2. Of course you can save money by decreasing the grammage, but to me this is not the main advantage of this product. If you use Holmen TRND you will spread to your readers a clear message saying: Do you feel how different we are?

3. Design, Fashion (men), Luxury (watches – men), Comics, Crosswords …

4. You cannot be indifferent to Holmen TRND, either you love or you hate it. Luckily there are more people who like it.

Mikael Hjelm, Sales Manager Nordic
pil Thomas Pieper
Sales Director Central Europe

1. Wow! That’s solid! It’s like board, almost a piece of wood!

2. Supplying very thick paper without too high a grammage, saving on the weight of paper needed. Very good for special sections in a magazine, dividing it by its physical presence.

3. All kinds. Wherever special attraction is desired. Could be DIY magazines or anything with a strong link to nature since it makes a strong environmentally friendly impression. We can also see it in high-class fashion magazines and sections of GEO (similar to National Geographic).

4. The consumer/reader will probably not be fully aware of TRND, but below the surface they’ll realise that something is different. That’s probably what the publisher/editor wants the reader to see, touch and feel. TRND carries a message beyond the perfect picture printed on graphical paper.

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