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What would life be without paper?

It started as a summer job at the Domsjö factory in the 1970s. Since then, Dan Buskhe has become a paper industry loyalist and without doubt part of the circle of ‘People committed to paper’.

Dan, who has worked mainly on development issues, explains how he came to be where he is:

“Pulp and paper is an open and exciting field to work in. Here the consequences of change are less predictable than in the petrochemicals industry, for example. It has always fascinated me, as has working on major projects and process solutions that demand a great deal of brain power.”

This is what prompted Dan, a graduate from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, to choose a degree in chemical engineering in the 1980s.

Today, he works on strategic product development at Hallsta and Braviken. His task and challenge is to give Holmen Paper an even better understanding of how changes to the manufacturing processes affect productivity and the quality of the paper.

Measure our way forward

The questions that need answers are numerous and often complex. Essentially, the key is to focus the development work on the initiatives that are most cost-effective and produce the best effect. What impact does changing the filler have, for example? How is the product quality affected by changing the composition of the pulp? Can we make better use of the paper machine’s features? To get it right, you have to be able to measure the effects of any changes made. Holmen Paper has come a long way on this front.

Dan Buschke

“We’ve developed a model that enables us to measure our way forward, so that we are confident about the steps we take in our development work,” says Dan, who is currently working on an exciting and strategically important project relating to gravure printing.


Dan Buschke

Singapore next

Dan has been working on development issues since 1994, when he and his wife Eva came to Hallstavik after living in Singapore for four years.

“We were expecting and decided to return to Sweden.”

The four years in Asia were actually supposed to have been just four months. However, while there, Dan received a job offer from ABB, which had been commissioned by a Japanese company to build a factory. Dan had what ABB needed – knowledge about the management philosophy of the paper industry.

Back in Hallstavik – just as in Singapore and his home town of Örnsköldsvik − Dan is once again close to something he did not want to be without – open sea. In fact it was this that made him leave after four years at Kvarnsveden Paper Mill – located around 100 long, long kilometres from the open waters of the Baltic…
“I liked both the location and my job as a production engineer. I was involved in projects such as building and bringing online a new paper machine. The job was certainly tough and the working days long. But the absence of sea made me want to move on.”


In Hallstavik, the Buskhe family gained not only a daughter but a yacht. This has more recently been traded for a summer cottage – near the sea of course. And here Dan can indulge one of his real passions. “I consume books and newspapers voraciously, and my wife and daughter are the same.” In other words, Dan is in good company with ‘People committed to paper’ even once the working day is over.

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