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Holmen VIEW växlar upp


Holmen VIEW goes up a gear with

new basis weights – 47, 50, 53 and 58

A paper with improved print quality and now new basis weights.
Allow us to present the new Holmen VIEW!black line

This autumn an upgraded Holmen VIEW will be winging its way to customers all over the world. The paper, which is used for magazines, direct mail and product catalogues, retains its great properties such as a silky feel and high brightness, but now it comes with an improved surface and gloss – and in new basis weights.

“VIEW has become a much clearer alternative to existing products on the market,” declares Tommy Wiksand, sales and development director at Holmen Paper.

Higher quality

The focus has been on reviewing and developing the properties of Holmen VIEW. Greater demands from customers, coupled with tougher competition in the market, prompted Holmen Paper to re-examine the whole recipe, in a drive to improve printing and surfaces.

“The most significant change in the new VIEW is that the paper offers better colour reproduction, more even printing and a smoother surface,” explains Jan Andersson of technical sales at Holmen Paper.

“We’re basically improving the quality a touch to give customers a product that is easier to use.”

The new Holmen VIEW also comes in new basis weights of 47, 50, 53 and 58 gsm. Customers are able to go down in basis weight by around 15 per cent, while still retaining the thickness of their printed product. This is because Holmen VIEW has greater bulk compared with standard magazine paper.

Intensive work

Work on developing the new product has been intensive, involving people at the paper mill and on the marketing and development front.

“We’ve been through many experiments, tests, print samples and machine settings. It has been a huge team effort,” says Jan Andersson.

More stable product

Tommy Wiksand hopes the new Holmen VIEW will make it clearer exactly what opportunities the product offers customers.

“The combination of improved surfaces and a thoroughly developed concept makes for a more stable product. The new Holmen VIEW is a cost-effective alternative to existing products in the LWC and SC segment, and I hope the new basis weights are able to make this even clearer to customers! VIEW is the market’s true alternative,” says Tommy Wiksand.

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