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VIEW helps Rusta to convey the right feeling

One of many to have discovered the benefits of Holmen VIEW is Sweden’s Rusta. Rusta is a retail chain with 68 stores across Sweden offering a wide range of home and leisure products under the slogan ‘a lot for your money’.

And although Holmen VIEW fits in with that slogan, it was not just the economics that led Rusta to switch paper for its direct mailshots.

“We want to convey a particular feeling to the customer, so it’s important to choose a paper that feels right and fits in with what we stand for,” says Lisa Pers-Ohlsén, marketing manager at Rusta.

Rusta’s marketing comprises TV commercials, newspaper ads, internet marketing and, above all, direct mail that is sent out all over Sweden. The product ranges from 12 to 20 pages, but usually comes in at 16, and is a crucial channel for Rusta.

“It’s our primary medium in all categories. Rusta’s DM is sent out 39 times a year, with around two million copies dispatched each time. One half are inserts in daily newspapers, and the other half are delivered with the mail via Posten’s Ad-Wrap service, which is a good way to reach as many households as possible,” explains Lisa Pers-Ohlsén.

New look on every level

Last year, Rusta conducted an extensive review of the way the company presented itself, which resulted in a new graphic identity for its marketing and its stores. It also proved an ideal opportunity to revisit the question of paper.

“When choosing a paper, we look at everything – capacity, bulk, gloss, whiteness... Our product contains numerous photos, but at the same time there is a great deal of white space between the images, so it’s important for us that both the images and the white spaces look as good as possible on the paper. As soon as I saw Holmen VIEW, I thought it was an interesting prospect.”

Lisa contacted the printing company, Color Print in Denmark, and after talking to them and to Holmen Paper, Rusta ran a trial of VIEW, with excellent results.

“It worked really well from the outset and we’re extremely happy with the paper. The colour reproduction and feel are important, but we also look carefully at the rustle and the flexibility, to ensure that customers enjoy browsing through our DM.”

Alongside Holmen VIEW’s good runnability and the fact that the printing company likes the paper, Lisa is also pleased that the inserting has been problem-free.

“It’s crucial for us that the product works in the inserting equipment used by the newspapers that carry our DM – and it has gone without a hitch using VIEW.”

Involved in the choice of paper

It is much more common in other parts of Europe than in the Nordic region for the supplier to be involved in the choice of paper. In the Nordic countries it is usually the printing companies that present the customer with a selection of papers they think may be suitable. But that’s not how Rusta works.

“We’re perhaps slightly unusual in that respect, which may be down to the fact that, as a purchaser of paper and printing services, I grew up in a newspaper family and have worked in the graphics industry – I love all this! At the same time, Rusta’s owners and management team are also highly engaged in decisions on the choice of paper. Everyone agrees that the paper is important,” states Lisa Pers-Ohlsén.

Rusta currently uses around 2 300 tonnes of paper in its direct mail. And although Holmen VIEW’s properties appealed to the company, the choice also had to make financial sense.

“It’s certainly true that if this hadn’t been a cost-effective alternative, we would never have chosen it. Rusta’s motto is ‘a lot for your money’ and that applies to everything, at every level of the company. So Holmen VIEW felt like the perfect choice.”

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