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The volume of water used in production is steadily declining following the adoption of increasingly efficient methods and equipment.

Water – an important raw material for Holmen

Holmen uses water to transport and wash fibres at the mills. Water is also used for other operations, such as cooling and steam production. The water used is almost entirely surface water, that is to say water taken from lakes and rivers. The same water is often used several times. Water from the processes is treated in several stages before it is released. At Holmen sites this involves various combinations of mechanical, biological and chemical treatment.


There are conditions for the emission of various substances at the mills. These conditions are laid down by the environmental authorities. The conditions in the environmental permits regarding type of wastewater treatment are based on the unique water conditions in the vicinity of each mill. Holmen continuously monitors the status of recipient aquatic environments in close co-operation with the environmental authorities.


Holmen's forests contain lakes, streams and other water-rich environments, which are all sensitive ecosystems with a rich fauna. The waters in the forests are a priority area for Holmen, and active efforts are made both in setting environmental targets and in practical work. Ongoing training initiatives are being taken for field personnel and contractors as an important aspect of this work, focusing on water issues in practice.




The Holmen Group

Holmen is a forest industry group that manufactures printing paper, paperboard and sawn timber and runs forestry and energy production operations. The company’s extensive forest holdings and its high proportion of energy production are strategically important resources for its future growth.

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