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Paper is fantastic and one of its benefits is that it can be used many times over. Recovered paper helps to make paper use sustainable. But without virgin fibre there is no recovered paper. They share the same origin. The forest is the source of all paper.


Virgin fibre is what we call fibre that is used for the first time. When the paper is then collected and recycled, the same fibre makes a second entrance into the paper cycle, but this time it is called recovered fibre.


Each time the fibre is used in paper, its properties deteriorate slightly and it gives poorer print results than paper based on virgin fibre.


The fibre can be recycled 5–7 times before it ends up as biofuel. This means that virgin fibre constantly has to be added to the system in order to secure the paper supply. It also allows for the production of paper grades that cannot be made using recovered fibre.

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