Holmen is a major land owner and has the potential to develop its land holdings by establishing wind farms on its own sites with good wind conditions. Hydro and wind power have low operating costs, since they do not require the purchase of fuel, and production is entirely free of carbon dioxide.

Along with the Eurofideme 2 investment fund, Holmen has built a wind farm at Varsvik, a few kilometres from its paper mill in Hallstavik. The turbines came on stream in autumn 2014 and annual production capacity is estimated at 165 GWh. Building the wind farm costed around SEK 650 million. During the first full year, 2015, production reached 164 GWh. Holmen's share is 50 per cent, i.e. 82 GWh. 

At Blodrotberget and Blackfjället in the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik, environmental permits were granted in 2013 for around 70 wind turbines, with annual production in the region of 500 GWh. In 2015, a power line permit was obtained for the connecting power lines, which means that the project is ready for construction to begin. 

Holmen and E.ON signed a contract to jointly develop wind power in the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik at the beginning of 2011. At the end of 2012, environmental permits were obtained for two of the three areas in question. With around 70 turbines spread over three areas, mainly on Holmen's land, annual production could reach around 475 GWh when all turbines have been built. 

Wind surveys have also been conducted on Holmen's land in Västernorrland in recent years. Applications for environmental permits and power line permits have been submitted for two of the projects. This is the case for the Blåbergsliden project, with its 30 or so turbines and annual production of around 300 GWh. Supplements to the reindeer husbandry analysis are under way as a final measure before a decision can be made on the environmental permit. This is expected to happen in 2016. In 2015, an application was submitted to the authorities for 30 wind turbines in Blisterliden. Wind surveys and an environmental impact analysis are under way at Högaliden 2, which is similar in scale to the other projects. 

An 18 per cent stake in VindIn AB gives Holmen part ownership of the Trattberget wind farm in the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik and Skutskär in the Municipality of Skutskär. Another wind farm, Svalskulla in Pohjanmaa, Finland, was also brought on stream in 2014. In total there are now 40 turbines supplying electricity to Holmen and the other stakeholder companies. Overall, VindIn's turbines are expected to produce around 305 GWh per year, with Holmen's stake currently equating to production of around 54 GWh per year. Wind power production was very good in 2015, with annual production of 317 GWh, and Holmen's share amounting to 56 GWh.


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