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  • Profit after financial items (excluding items affecting comparability and divested activities) amounted to MSEK 2,914 (2000: 2,194). The corresponding figure for the fourth quarter was MSEK 748, which may be compared with MSEK 857 for the third quarter.
  • A write-down of MSEK 620 in the value of fixed assets was charged against the fourth quarter result, after which the profit after financial items amounts to MSEK 2,294 for 2001 (4,741).
  • Net turnover amounted to MSEK 16,655 (15,155). The fourth quarter's net turnover was MSEK 4,343, compared with MSEK 4,099 for the third quarter.
  • The operating profit, excluding items affecting comparability and divested activities, was MSEK 3,066 (2,295) for the full year and MSEK 791 for the fourth quarter, compared with MSEK 909 for the third quarter.
  • Profit after tax amounted to MSEK 2,186 (3,972). The return on equity was 16.0 per cent (24.1).
  • The Board proposes a dividend of SEK 10 per share. Ordinary dividend last year was SEK 9 per share.
  • Market conditions for newsprint and magazine paper weakened during the second half of the year. Holmen Paper made some production stops during the fourth quarter due to market conditions. Prices were stable during the year. Prices for 2002 are currently under negotiation.
  • Market conditions for paperboard remained weak in the fourth quarter. Iggesund Paperboard's production continued to be restricted due to market conditions. Prices are stable.

The Holmen Group

Holmen is a forest industry group that manufactures printing paper, paperboard and sawn timber and runs forestry and energy production operations. The company’s extensive forest holdings and its high proportion of energy production are strategically important resources for its future growth.

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