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Testing and calibration of the machinery at Braviken Sawmill will start on 1 October, allowing production to commence, as planned, in January 2011.

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With installation of the sawmill’s machinery now completed, the period October to December will see all the machinery being tested and calibrated. The timber for these test sawings will come from Holmen’s own forests in Östergötland. Alongside this activity, the remaining groundwork around the site is also set to be completed.



With the construction project right on schedule, production will begin at the sawmill in January, starting off at 260 000 cubic metres of sawn timber in the first year, before gradually rising to 550 000 cubic metres. The sawmill will have a capacity of 750 000 cubic metres of sawn timber over the longer term.


The test runs will be conducted by the first group of sawmill operators, who have been at the sawmill since the spring. The recruitment of another 30 sawmill operators will begin in October. Braviken Sawmill will eventually employ a total of 110 people.

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