Prime Minster Stefan Löfven visited on Wednesday Holmen’s paper mill in Hallstavik, north of Stockholm.


During the visit, mill manager Daniel Peltonen explained the journey that the mill has been on over recent years. This has included switching to the production of speciality paper, closing a paper machine and making energy efficiencies, in order to secure the mill's status as one of the most resource-efficient in its segment anywhere in Europe.

Nils Ringborg, CEO of Holmen Paper, outlined the conditions required for a mill such as Hallsta to survive in the future. One key issue for Holmen, for example, is the right to manage the forest, since the product transition at Hallsta is based on the properties of fresh fibre.

The tour of the mill gave Prime Minster Stefan Löfven a chance to speak to workers on one of the paper machines.

After the mill visit, the Prime Minister met representatives of the unions, including Pappers, in Hallsta. 

Statsminister Stefan Löfven och brukschef Daniel Peltonen.

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven and  mill manager Daniel Peltonen. 

Stefan Löfven och Nils Ringborg

Nils Ringborg, CEO of Holmen Paper, explained to the Prime Minister what conditions were needed for Hallsta Paper Mill to remain competitive.

Stefan Löfven och Jesper Larsson

Prime Minister Stefan Löfven talking with Jesper Larsson.

Stefan Löfven och Vuokko Taipale

Stefan Löfven and Vuokko Taipale. 

Stefan Löfven och Peter Messing

Peter Messing talking to the Prime Minister statsministern.

Photo: Emil Andersson


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