First we won the Swedish Design award, and on Monday evening, november 14, Holmen Paper's customer magazine Paper won the Swedish Publishing Prize 2016!

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Paper has an important role to play in Holmen Paper's market communication both as a channel on its own but also as a content generator for other channels, not least the digital ones. We know our customers value quality and how the choice of paper will also set the tone for the printed product. With Paper we want to challenge and take this one step further.

- Paper is a brave product and as far from traditional advertising as you can get. The content is rarely about ourselves, but rather about subjects that we know interest our existing and potential customers, says Jonas Lindell, Communications director at Holmen Paper. This way we create knowledge and inspiration, but above all we create value for our customers. And from our own perspective, Paper is also a longterm brand investment.

Five languages in an unusual format

Paper has been produced in cooperation with content agency Åkesson&Curry and is distributed all over the world in five languages. Paper comes in an unusual, slightly bigger format with an insert of 64 pages printed on Holmen TRND 80 gsm from Hallsta Paper Mill. The cover is of course made from Iggesund Paperboard's Invercote.

Better than the last one

Sofia Nilsson, the responsible Art Director at Åkesson&Curry, has created the award winning form together with Marc Martinez: 
- We make a lot of good magazines but Holmen Paper has had the guts to go all the way which is not too common, and that makes working with Paper so much fun. We just printed the next issue and I already feel that it will be better than the first one. The magazine develops and we develop with it.

Isn't it silly to "compete" with a magazine?

- Measuring communications efforts, not least in print, is not easy but it can be done. Competitions like these, where we are compared to the best and get a quality benchmark, is one way. And now that we have won two prestigious awards in a row, I feel that we are on the right track," says Jonas Lindell.

Supporting business is the purpose of all market communication. As recent as this week, Holmen Paper was contacted by a German design agency who were developing a new internal magazine. they hade seen Paper, liked the feel of Holmen TRND and wanted to know more.


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