Europe continues to be heavily impacted by the Eurozone financial crisis. Economic instability translates directly to the advertising market, which sees a -2.7% decrease in budgets during the first half of 2012. The decline in advertising spending is in large part due to embattled markets of Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. 

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 Magazine Papers

  • The Western European demand of Magazine Paper has decreased by almost 10% compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Demand decline less severe in MF Magazine.
  • Magazine advertising spending decreases faster than any other media. 
  • Total deliveries of MF Magazine up 1% due to increased exports. 





  • The Western European Newsprint demand has decreased by 11% so far this year.
  • The deliveries from Western Europe have not decrease as much thanks to increasing exports to mainly North America and Asia.
  • The advertising spending continues to decline in Newsprint.


Q3 Newsprint



Book Paper

  • There is no change in the Western European Book Paper demand compared to last year. Even though there is an increase in the e-book demand, especially in the UK.
  • The Western European deliveries have increased due to greater exports. 



Q3 Book



Telephone Directory Paper

  • The Western European demand of Telephone Directory Paper continues to fall. 
  • Digital solutions are replacing printed Telephone Directories.  






Sources: Euro Graph, Nielsen Global AdView Pulse and Holmen Paper

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