- The paper provides many opportunities to tell us more about who you are, says brand consultant John Mellkvist.

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Brand consultant and design entrepreneur John Mellkvist know that the right choice paper can mean a lot to a company's brand. He has devoted much of his professional life to helping companies with their brand identity - and there are business cards and other paper products an important part. Even more important is the paper in an age where digital media is growing.


- A message that comes on an exciting paper can get the reader to pause in that important moment and reflect in a way that is more difficult for digital communication, says John Mellkvist.


He takes the example of the designer Paul Smith's book "You Can Find Inspiration in Everything", a work which contains a variety of papers.


- It gives a striking effect on the reader. Have you browsed the book you don’t forget it.


Six years ago, John Mellkvist started the design company JohnLook.com and business cards have been an important part of his career.


He sees it as a generous gesture, something to leave behind, often with an added touch. 2007, he even got fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg to lease one of her designs to a business card that was sold on his website during three months.


- The paper provides many opportunities to tell us more about who you are. A torn edge says one thing, a glossy finish something else. You can soften the feel of rigid images using a matte paper with a smooth surface, giving a luxurious feel with a generous grammage or contrasting thick with thin paper, says John Mellkvist, who is particularly fond of Holmen TRND.


- It is a paper which with its fine feel of surface can support an entire publication itself.

Right now a kind of "earthy luxury" is timely. It is also reflected in the paper trends. Swedish healthcare company manufactures packages that looks to be directly from grandmother's time, and the exclusive French perfumery Le Labos labels are made in esthetics of an old pharmacy.


- We often choose a style that looks back to the old methods, which breathes history, crafts and naturalness. A parallel trend is the restaurants focus of origin and local production, said John Mellkvist.


What paper where? Mellkvist trend scouts Holmen Paper products


Holmen TRND, 70 grams

- Would be a nice letterhead with such typewriter letters or written by hand. Suitable for a law firm, accounting firm or similar, which still correspond through letters and see the value in the subtle details.


Holmen VIEW, 54 grams

- A little shinier and could provide a nice feeling as protective wrap or similar. Could be something for the publishing house that publishes fiction, or maybe art books.


Holmen XLNT 75, 55 grams

- Would be interesting to use as a insert in a lifestyle magazine in a slightly smaller format, or in a fashion catalogue. The pearl shine of the paper feels appealing. Fits a small startup company in the fashion industry.


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