All graphic paper from the Hallsta and Braviken paper mills and newsprint from Holmen Paper Madrid have been approved to carry the EU Ecolabel.

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Taking long-term responsibility for the environment is a fundamental aspect of Holmen Paper’s strategy. All the mills are certified according to the ISO systems for environmental, energy and quality management. Holmen Paper and Holmen’s forestry are also certified under the standards FSC and PEFC.


“These certifications help to establish trust in our environmental work. Adding the EU Ecolabel to the mix strengthens our environmental profile even further,” states Katarina Granö, market communications manager at Holmen Paper.


“The products have their environmental impact carefully assessed before they can qualify for the EU Ecolabel. For graphic paper, the main focus is on the use of fibre raw materials, chemicals and energy, plus emissions to air and water during manufacture,” explains Leonard Dahlberg, environmental and quality engineer at Braviken.


Since Holmen Paper’s three mills already perform extremely well in terms of the environment, no specific new investment has been needed to secure the EU Ecolabel. A great deal of work has, however, been put into checking and replacing process chemicals in order to meet the set requirements.


Now Holmen Paper’s products, Holmen VIEW, Holmen XLNT, Holmen TRND, Holmen PLUS, Holmen BOOK and Holmen GUIDE, and the Holmen NEWS from Madrid have been approved to carry the EU Ecolabel.


Securing the EU Ecolabel for Holmen Paper’s products is seen as an increasingly important advantage for the future. Pressure from the market is increasing and in some countries and product areas it is practically essential to be able to offer EU Ecolabelled products. Ecolabelled products are sold with a supplement charge.


The customer and market survey that Holmen Paper recently presented confirms that ecoprofiling is considered important.


“Retail chains in particular, which send out large quantities of direct mail, want to be able to show that they’re using paper with good environmental credentials,” comments Karolina Svensson, who heads the team working on the company’s market analysis and business intelligence.


The EU Ecolabel is also predicted to take on increasing significance for magazines, since it is an EU-wide ecolabel. Furthermore, the survey shows that there are many misconceptions when it comes to paper and environment. For example, there is a general belief that printed products have a greater environmental impact than digital media.


“As an industry, we need to do much more to inform the world about how little environmental impact paper production has compared with what the general public thinks. Certifying our products under FSC, PEFC and now the EU Ecolabel helps get this important message across,” says Karolina Svensson.


The EU Ecolabel, is the official ecolabel of the European Union. The ecolabelling criteria are drawn up by responsible bodies in the Member States. There are currently 26 different types of goods and services that can be granted the EU Ecolabel. To achieve certification, the products are assessed from a life cycle perspective from raw material to waste. The products have to meet strict environmental, functional and quality requirements. These requirements are tightened on a continuous basis.



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