The new Invercote Creato from Iggesund Paperboard is now certified for use in HP Indigo’s digital presses. The certification covers grammages from 200 to 350 g/m2. Iggesund is now launching a Digital Sample Pack, which can be ordered from merchants who carry Invercote.

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“Invercote Creato was previously certified for HP Indigo but since the new Invercote launched last autumn has been improved in a number of ways that play a role in digital graphic production we decided to go through a new certification process,” explains Rickard Österlindh, head of digital business development at Iggesund.


He emphasises that digital printing is now expanding strongly in Europe despite the current economic recession. The American market has been quicker to embrace the advantages of digital printing, where the combination of speed and opportunities for personalisation has led to new creative solutions and applications.


“We’re now seeing the corresponding development in Europe and it is happening quickly,” he says. “There’s a strong demand from the market to use paper or paperboard that hasn’t been pretreated. Invercote Creato meets those demands and offers customer benefits such as quick delivery, easy combination of offset and digitally printed materials, and good lifespan for storage.”


Currently many types of paper used for digital printing must be pretreated, a situation that creates additional costs for printers. Pretreating with sapphire  or similar coatings is an extra work step and reduces the length of time the paper can be stored without deteriorating. Pretreatment also affects whiteness, so that anyone who wants to add a digitally printed batch to a previous edition printed in offset has to use different whitenesses and thereby deal with different types of colour reproduction. A printer who wants to do both digital and offset printing also has to keep two types of material in stock.


“All these reasons are why the market wants products like Invercote Creato that don’t require pretreatment and that give optimal printing results in both printing processes,” Österlindh says.


In conjunction with the certification Iggesund is releasing a Digital Sample Pack – a set of 25 unprinted sheets of Invercote Creato 260 in a 460 x 320 mm format. Customers can use the samples to make a quick evaluation. The sample pack can be ordered from Iggesund or the merchants who carry Inverco


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