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Iggesund Paperboard’s brands – Invercote® and Incada® – are the strongest brands on the European paperboard market. The conclusion comes from a European brand study based on over 700 interviews with converters and brand owners. The study was done by the consulting firm of Opticom International Research.


Called “The Brand Equity Tracking Survey – Cartonboard for Consumer Packaging”, the study evaluates brands on the paperboard market based on a number of criteria: spontaneous brand recognition, perceived quality in several respects, and brand loyalty. The study concludes that the most valuable brand is Iggesund Paperboard’s Invercote followed by Incada, also belonging to Iggesund.


“This is a genuine confirmation that the market recognises our brands and their unrivalled quality level and  consistency,” concludes Guy Mallinson, Business Director Sales at Iggesund Paperboard.


“We are especially pleased to achieve this result again this year, when we are launching a new, further refined Invercote taking it a step closer towards our customers’ and end users’ ultimate demands.”


This is the third time the study has been done and it is also the third time that Iggesund’s two brands are at the absolute top.


“For over many years, Iggesund has consistently asserted its brand and the values they stand for,” Mallinson says. “I believe this work and development will only be more important in the future.”


Consistent and successful marketing, though, has to be based on good products and everything associated with them and not least, service.


“Our technical service and documentation is designed to ensure our customers get the most out of the Invercote or Incada they have purchased. Our quality and service combine to give both a good overall economy and a final result that stands out from the crowd,” Mallinson concludes.


The leading paperboard brands according to Brand Equity Index:


1. Invercote

2. Incada

3. Simwhite/-cote

4. Tamwhite/- brite

5. Frövi

6. Ensogloss/-coat

7. Stora Enso

8. Neocart

9. Rochcoat/-blanc


Source: Opticom International Research


For further information please contact: 

Staffan Sjöberg, Publ. Relations Manager Iggesund Paperboard, +46 650 28256

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