As a teenager, Anna Mårtensson was very clear that she had no intention of staying in her childhood town of Iggesund and ending up at the mill. However, life had other ideas and she is now the fifth generation of her family to work at Iggesund Mill. “I swore never to do what my family had done. And I would definitely not be staying put in Iggesund,” says Anna. After upper secondary school, she packed her bag and left her childhood home. For five years, she travelled the world, trying all sorts of different jobs, everything from milking cows to cleaning fish.

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MY LAST TRIP was to Scotland, where I was a packer of boxes for Marks & Spencer. After eight hours a day at a conveyor belt, stuffing croutons into around 10 000 lunch packs, I realised that it was time to head home and do something else.” She considered training to be a certified forester and wanted to work for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, but eventually decided on the envi-ronmental engineering course at Mid Sweden University in Östersund. Anna’s finances as a student meant that she needed a part-time job. Ironically, Anna ended up at the cellulose and environment laboratory at Iggesund Mill – leaving her teenage promises in tatters. “I soon realised the opportunities provided by working in a large company. Life changes, I had changed.”


DURING HER STUDIES, Anna met her future partner (no, he did not work at Iggesund) and they had a daughter Lina – and over time she took up a post as trainee in quality and environment at the mill. She and her family have also chosen to move home. “I was forced to admit that I loved it here in Iggesund.” Her trainee year has been made up of three project periods. “I’ve split my time between a project at Hallsta Paper Mill and part-time employment on a project examining how sludge from Iggesund Mill’s chemical waste water treatment system can be disposed of in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.”


At the end of June, Anna’s trainee post switched to a regular post as an environmental engineer. This is a new role that will see her continue working on the environmental issues that hold the key to Holmen’s future. Has “never Iggesund” been replaced by “forever Iggesund”? “Holmen is an exciting company. Now my focus is on settling into my new role, but if I know me, in the future I’m bound to become curious about other parts of the company too,” concludes Anna.



Name: Anna Mårtensson

Age: 32.

Education: Environmental engineer.

Lives: Iggesund.

Family: Partner, fouryear-old daughter and Laban the Labrador retriever.

Spare time: Doing up the house and cottage, elk hunting, reading and gardening. Three words about yourself: Fearless, uncomplicated, keen.

Why Iggesund Mill: It is an excellent workplace that offers huge opportunities.




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