Homecomer Johan Hedin has an important task as marketing manager at Holmen Timber. He and his colleagues will market construction timber from the new Braviken Sawmill. Johan Hedin has just arrived back from Algeria where he visited customers of Holmen Timber’s sawmill in Iggesund; the mill produces input materials for joinery from Hälsinge pine (pine from Hälsingland, northern Sweden).

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On his agenda are visits to existing and potential customers in Scandinavia, the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands, all of which are anticipated to be Braviken Sawmill’s main markets.


THE INTERESTING future of the wood products industry is what enticed Johan Hedin back to Holmen, following what he terms an ‘educational detour’. “My career began at Holmen Timber in the 1990s, straight after I’d fi nished studying. Over the years I was fortunate enough to work with a variety of different tasks, e.g. raw materials issues, production planning and sales on the European market as well as in North Africa and the Middle East.


I was also head of Holmen Timber from 2000 to 2003. But after 12 years in the company, I wanted to broaden my horizons.” Iggesund Tools, a supplier to the forest industry, made him an interesting offer, including the opportunity to work on the North and South American continents. After six years as CEO of Iggesund Tools’ European marketing company, he made his next career move – back to the wood products industry. Firstly, he took up the position of CEO of Uni4 Marketing, a company partly owned by Holmen timber, but on 1 March this year, he decided to return to Holmen Timber.


“THEY WERE expanding the marketing organisation, and the fact that I was to play a part in launching products from a brand-new sawmill onto the market really swung it for me. But, above all, I was well aware of the knowledge and commitment among those working for the Group,” he says and continues: “At Holmen we started talking about environmental issues and carbon footprints as early as 15 years ago. The market wasn’t listening at that time, but a lot has happened over the past six years. The entire environmental debate is pointing in favour of wood as the material of choice.” What have you gained from your experiences outside Holmen?


“I’ve learned about other business and marketing processes, for example working with project-based sales. I’ve worked on different continents and learned that relational marketing with a long-term perspective is crucial to the business. And that’s something that Holmen Timber already excels at. It’s a well-trodden path that we’re now continuing to tread.



Name: Johan Hedin

Role: Marketing manager, Holmen Timber

Age: 47. Lives: Hudiksvall.

Education: Certified forester

Family: Wife, children and stepchildren.

Spare time: Spending time in the countryside, skiing, staying at our holiday cottage in the Stockholm archipelago.

Three words about yourself: Positive, energetic, homecomer.



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