This year’s Christmas card from Iggesund Paperboard has an ingeniously designed construction that resembles a CD or DVD cover.

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Pulling apart the protective red outer sheath reveals a Christmas greeting and the Christmas card itself, which is then removed to reveal a second greeting inside.


The outer cover is made of Metalprint, which is Invercote coated with metallised PET and in this case then printed with a transparent red ink. The outside of the card depicts a snowflake printed with a pale special effect varnish containing glitter.


The white structural elements of the cover are made of Invercote G 350 g/m2 and the card itself of Invercote Creato 400 g/m2.


“Of tradition we try to create Christmas cards that demonstrate the creative use of paperboard,” says Iggesund’s Anna Adler, who was in charge of developing the card. “Our Christmas card is not just a greeting to our customers but also a sample that we hope will inspire the recipients.”


The card was designed by Jörg Bluhm of the German agency Schindler Parent & Cie. GmbH, and conversion was done by Ekotryckredners in Sweden.


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