12/8/2016 6:08:18 AM This year's Christmas card from Iggesund Paperboard is an example of extreme complexity. The UK company Santoro Graphics, known for its 3D greeting cards, has created a card with Scandinavian motifs ranging from wolves and spruce trees to underwater fish.
Source: Packaging-Gateway.com

11/15/2016 8:01:01 PM The installation was part of an investment in new and upgraded board production facilities, to increase output by 20,000t/year. The crane was required due to the increased size and weight of the rolls in the new equipment.
Source: Ipsearch.com

11/15/2016 8:00:26 PM Iggesund PaperSpecs was well into its recent Iggesund-sponsored “Pop-up Magic” webinar when attendees broke the Internet, or our small part of it, anyway, and not a Kardashian in sight!
Source: Paper Specs

11/14/2016 6:51:38 PM Eltel's chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr Gerard Mohr, has decided to step down from his position and leave the Board of Directors with immediate effect.
Source: Electric Energy Online

11/13/2016 10:09:14 AM The new SCA Terminal was officially inaugurated during a reception on November 11th at the Port of Kiel’s Ostuferhafen.
Source: Portnews


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