Linnea is a production manager at Holmen Skog, Region Norrköping, District Own Forest:

“The key is to stay one step ahead”

Linnea’s job involves both problem-solving and coordination. She splits her working hours between the desk and the forest, and enjoys the variety that her job brings.

“The job of production manager may focus on a number of different areas. I work on regeneration felling, biofuel and silviculture (soil preparation, clearing and planting). I also have managerial responsibility for a team of machine operators. My job is incredibly varied, and a bit difficult to describe. I have friends who think I’m out counting trees all day,” laughs Linnea.

Linnea works for District Own Forest, which basically means that she takes care of the forest that Holmen holds. She graduated as a certified forester in 2007, when she was employed on a project basis on Holmen Skog’s staff in Örnsköldsvik. She then became a trainee and later a production manager.

“My job is very free and independent. As long as I do what I need to, I can organise my days and weeks however I want. I can choose to be in the forest on sunny days and in the office when it’s raining.

“The challenge in my job is always to stay one step ahead. Before carrying out any harvesting, we have to register it with the Swedish Forest Agency. Before the machines get to work, the field has to be planned and cleared, and the roads need to be usable. Harvesting takes place throughout the year, while the silviculture is more seasonal. As soon as the snow clears, negotiations have to start with contractors and seedlings need to be ordered, for example.”

What is Holmen like as an employer?

“It’s an enjoyable company to work for, with a good personnel policy and friendly colleagues. I like having freedom and responsibility.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“The fact that the job is so varied. I’m developing and learning new things all the time, both through my own follow-up work and through discussions with my colleagues.”



Age: 30. Family: Husband. Leisure interests: Climbing. Indoors in winter, but I climb outside as soon as the weather permits. What does the forest mean to you: Wonderful, relaxing forest walks. Fresh air. Picking berries and mushrooms.

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