Eric is a systems engineer/systems developer at Holmen in Norrköping:

“I like the freedom and openness”

Eric works on running and developing IT systems for the mill in Hallsta. The production lines never stop, so it is imperative to have stable systems in place.

“I started out purely as a systems engineer, but in recent years my job has moved more towards systems development. My job includes working on in-house systems such as a new reel handling system for Hallsta. It’s a comprehensive system that runs in the mill and keeps track of the reels’ status from production being planned to the shipment being loaded for delivery.

“The challenge for me is to create systems that are user-friendly and operationally reliable. The machines have to run all the time, so the system simply must not crash. There is a team of us who stay on call on a rolling schedule, so that even if something happens in the middle of the night, we’re ready to help.”

Eric studied communications and transport systems at Linköping University’s campus in Norrköping. He started working full-time at Holmen Paper in 2007, although he did jump the gun with temporary jobs before then, including summer jobs.


What is Holmen like as an employer?

“I like the freedom and openness when it comes to everything from ideas and problem-solving to parental leave. I took both full-time and part-time parental leave for a while. There was never any problem with that, but I did come into work a few times when I was needed. Then when I came back, everything was fine. Straight back to normal.”


What is the best thing about your job?

“The launch of a new system is a nervous time, but it’s also really great. I like the fact that what I do gets used in and becomes part of the business. I also like working with paper, a product that everyone uses in one way or another and can relate to.”



Age: 30. Family: Wife and son. Leisure interests: Amateur radio. What does the forest mean to you: It’s linked with my being a radio enthusiast. If I see a really tall tree, I think: that would be a great place to put an aerial.

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