Ulla Ericsson is an operator at Braviken Sawmill.

 “I love the smell of wood”

Ulla loves working at Braviken Sawmill, the largest sawmill in Scandinavia. An open climate, the latest in technology and exemplary safety are just some of the reasons.

“I’m an operator in the stacking unit, in the green section as it’s known. The timber comes to us from the saw line and timber sorting. The machine I work on is called a stacker. We have one for planks and one for thinner boards. Here we check that the timber looks good and pick out any bits that have broken during transport or are not up to scratch for some other reason. We make sure everything is stacked properly and that the dimensions are right.

“I have to be really accurate! That’s the challenge of my job. In a while, I’ll be learning more machines so we can swap around, help each other and take over elsewhere if a colleague is sick or away for some reason.”

Braviken Sawmill started production in January 2011. The business is focused on producing spruce construction timber. Ulla started her job in November 2010. She had no previous experience in the industry and had been working as a hairdresser for 25 years. The job started with a ten-week course together with several of her colleagues.

“We spent five weeks of the course at the sawmill in Iggesund. It was fun and we learned a lot, we also got to know each other well and now we’re a really close team.”


What is Holmen like as an employer?

“Here there’s a lot of openness between employees and managers. I feel that my opinions are important. Braviken Sawmill is a great place to work where they really focus on safety. There shouldn’t be any work-related accidents.”


What is the best thing about your job?

“I like everything about it. It’s great working with wood. It’s a living material that doesn’t always behave the way you want it to. And it smells wonderful.”


Age: 48. Family: Husband and two children who have now left home. Leisure interests: Gardening. Spending time with family and friends. What does the forest mean to you: Walking in the forest is comfort for the soul.

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