Petra is an operator at Iggesund Mill:

“I have got my dream job”

Petra is quite new to her job. Enjoyable duties, great colleagues and perfect working hours mean she already feels at home. She sees her future here at Iggesund Mill.

“I saw an ad a few years ago. Umeå University had started a 2-year process operator training course and they wanted more women on it. I completed the course and started at Iggesund Mill in November 2010. I was received with open arms, with comments like: it’s great you’re starting on our shift, cool we’ve got another girl!”

Petra works shifts as an operator in the cutting room, running the sheeting machine with a colleague. She cuts different sizes of paperboard and makes sure it’s bundled in neat piles and that the quality of the paperboard is good.

“Working shifts is perfect for me, I’m not a fan of regular working hours. We work rolling shifts, days, evenings and nights. It feels like I have more free time this way. It can feel good being free in the middle of the week, even if it does mean working weekends sometimes.”

What is Holmen like as an employer?

“It’s good that it’s a big company. If you are interested, there’s an opportunity to learn more and develop within the company. I’m a local girl and I’ve always heard good things about Holmen. For me, working at Iggesund Mill is a bit like getting my dream job. And then I like the fact that the mill has its own free gym. Your family can come and use it too.”

What is the best thing about your job?

“The atmosphere, you look forward to going to work. I work with Invercote Paperboard, and like seeing the product in the shops. Wherever I am in the world I can see Invercote, used for perfume boxes, for example. That feels really really good.”



Age: 25. Family: Dog Izzy. Lives in: Iggesund. Leisure interests: Weight training and looking after Izzy the dog. What does the forest mean to you: Peace and quiet! It’s peaceful in the forest.

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