Holmen is a company with a focus on innovation and development. This means that our employees have great opportunities to develop and grow along with us. Our teams are the impetus that drives Holmen forwards into the future. Without skilled and committed employees, the company simply wouldn’t work, and nor would it be able to continue to launch exciting new products or improve its energy efficiency.

 Holmen invests a great deal in employee development, which is backed up by a constant exchange of expertise among colleagues. All Holmen’s business areas provide several training programmes each year to raise the skill levels of employees. These mainly focus on increasing the professional expertise and proficiency of employees, but can also involve enabling them to take on new and larger responsibilities. Skills development is particularly essential since we work with advanced technology that is developing all the time.


To make the most of our employees’ potential, we also work with tools other than training courses and development programmes. The opportunity to take on new duties, get involved in projects or gain greater responsibilities in an existing role are just some examples of employee development. Holmen therefore works actively to identify the potential development paths of our employees.


Meet our employees



Great opportunities for development

Sabine Claus, District Manager, describes her journey at Holmen Skog and the strength of working in a Group that spans the whole chain from raw material to production.

Watch Sabine´s video 


There’s a huge amount of pride

Malin Ekroos, Section Manager Fibre, gives us an insight into her journey within Holmen and the pride, motivation and commitment she experiences at Iggesund Mill.

Watch Malin´s video 




Opportunities within Holmen

One important reason why we invest so much in improving the skills of our employees is that we want them to develop and forge a career at Holmen. For those who are interested, there are great opportunities to try different jobs both within their own unit and by moving to another one. At Holmen we encourage internal mobility.


Broaden your skills or specialise

There are lots of development routes at Holmen and a career doesn’t necessarily have to follow a well-trodden path. For example, you could choose to specialise or to broaden your skills in an area that interests you. There are plenty of different roles at Holmen that give you the chance to try something new without changing company.


Leadership development

Good leadership is an important cog in Holmen’s machinery. We make high demands of our managers, but we’ll also make sure you get the support you need in terms of development and tools. The leadership programme is offered to new and more experienced managers.



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