Håkan Roos tells us about the opportunities and challenges he experiences as a production engineer at Hallsta Paper Mill, Holmen Paper.

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Håkan Roos, Production Engineer at Hallsta Paper Mill, Holmen Paper.

"The best thing about my role at Holmen is that I can develop both my technical competence and leadership," says Håkan. "If you have the ambition and the will to develop in a certain direction or address certain problems you have all the possibilities in the world." Håkan believes that this is something that is especially prominent feature in companies as Holmen where you have large production facilities, yet relatively few engineers.


"It's pretty awesome to be given a lot of responsibility"

"I have a dual role. I am responsible for the quality of the pulpwood, for the hot water production and steam flow. I am also a leader without being a manager. It is my responsibility to hold office meetings and meetings with the purpose of developing the business, the operators and myself. "Håkan has worked in Holmen since 2014 and thinks he was given a much mandate in his role early on." It's pretty awesome to be given a lot of responsibility."


"Holmen contributes a great deal to a sustainable society"

"I think Holmen contributes a great deal to a more sustainable society. For example, the way Holmen´s forest is managed and also by processing the forest and providing the market with fresh fiber in the form of our paper that can be recycled." Håkan thinks it's important to work with an employer that is committed to sustainability. He highlights Holmen's work to continually improve the Group's energy consumption and emphasizes the importance of making investments that benefit both the business and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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