Hear what our employees have to say about working at Holmen.


Divan Styrdom


Iggesund is a great place to develop and work

Meet Divan Strydom, Energy Engineer at Workington Mill. Divan tells us about his development and work within Holmen.

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Holmen contributes to sustainability

Susanne Salovius, Department Manager in Pulpwood shares her journey within the company and her view of Holmen as an employer.

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We have a good product and I am proud of that

Here, Frida, Iggesund's operator, describes her role and how important she thinks Holmen's focus on sustainability is for the future.

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Every day is different

Edvin Thurfjell, Product Manager, describes his role at Iggesund Paperboard. Edvin also tell us how packaging could contribute to a more sustainable society.

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Holmen is constantly evolving and we are part of that journey

Meet  Kristian Hast and Lasse Halonen, shift Electrician at Hallsta Paper Mill. The two colleagues tell us about their roles and work at the mill.

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Great opportunities for development

Sabine Claus, District Manager, shares her journey and role as a manager at Holmen Skog. She also talk about working in a Group that spans the whole chain from raw material to production.

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Stimulating to contribute to high quality and production speed.

Meet Sami Hauta, operator at Braviken's paper mill. In this movie Sami tells us about his journey within Holmen and the role of a operator.

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You really get the opportunity to influence

In this film we meet Andreas Johansson, Sales and Marketing Intelligence. He tells us about his journey and challenges within Holmen.

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Think wide when it comes to summer jobs

Robin Collin-Karlsson, Business Developer, talks about his way into Holmen Skog and his development within the company.

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Stable company with long-term investments

Fredrik Hjelm, Production Leader at Braviken Sawmill describes his long journey within Holmen and his role as a manager.

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All the opportunities in the world

Håkan Roos tells us about the opportunities and inspiring challenges he experience as a Production Engineer at Hallsta Paper Mill, Holmen Paper.

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Commitment and will

Meet colleagues Erik, Jarmo and Andreas, who is one of the teams at Iggesund. They give their views on what is required for successful collaboration.

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We are making a contribution to the future

Here we meet Daniel Stridsman, District Manager at Holmen Skog. Daniel tells us about his long journey within Holmen and the opportunities for development within the Group.

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There’s a huge amount of pride in the mill

Malin Ekroos, Section Manager Fibre, gives us an insight into her journey within Holmen and the pride, motivation and commitment she experiences at Iggesund Mill.

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Everything to improve

Meet our two co-workers at Iggesund mill Petra Arborén, Production Technician and Henrik Rasmussen, Environmental Operator.  

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    Great to be part of Holmen

Peter Schlömer, Iggesund's sawmill, tells us about the job as a sawmill operator and how he sees Holmen as an employer.

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