Holmen's mills produce paper and paperboard using wood, recovered paper, water and electricity. The process is so technology-intensive and complex that a whole range of questions still remain unanswered: What new areas of use are there for the residual products that are formed during the manufacturing process? How can we optimise our energy supply? How can wastewater be treated more efficiently? And many more...

You are also welcome to get in touch with one of our contacts for degree projects (the same as open applications).

Doing your degree project at Holmen involves delving deeply into a particular issue – and hopefully coming up with an answer. You may even come to the conclusion that Holmen is the employer for you.

Examples of project areas


Processes and machine technology:

  • Identifying detrimental substances in the paper machines
  • Material balances in sub-systems
  • The impact of the cellulose fibres and fibre processing on specific product properties
  • Optimising/developing processes, methods and products
  • Comparisons between analysis methods and/or analysis tools
  • Replacing plastic coatings on paperboard with bio-based barriers
  • Cutting fibre loss
  • Putting residual products to new uses


  • Treating biosludge
  • Studying the degradability of residual chemical additives
  • The impact of process chemicals on quality, productivity and the environment


Finance, logistics and IT:

  • Developing relevant key indicators
  • Calculating profitability per product and paper machine
  • Profitability models for innovations
  • Optimising stock turnover and purchasing procedures
  • Production planning
  • Supplier assessments
  • ICT
  • Business systems



  • Examining energy savings
  • Optimising control technology, e.g. quality control
  • Follow-up/optimising/supervision of statistical process monitoring
  • Heat balances in sub-systems


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