The physical letter box is still a valued communication channel even in this digital day and age. Half of all direct advertising reaches two or more people, and almost four in ten state that postal advertising is the best way to grab their attention. More than fifty percent of Swedes receive direct advertising by post, and around every fifth Swede takes the time to read through the different ads.

The Royal Mail survey reveals that direct mailing has had an upturn and is effective in that people intuitively react positively to objects they give, receive and can touch. And that sense of touch is the reason why direct mail is still an effective marketing tactic. 60 per cent of the respondents stated that this type of communication made a lasting impression and enhanced their product recall. 57 per cent appreciated mailings in postcard format, as it made them feel valued, and created a more genuine relationship with the sender.

Worth noting in that context, is the fact that millennials appreciate getting letters by post, even though they virtually grew up clutching a tablet. A Gallup survey shows that 36 per cent of the under-30s look forward to checking for post daily. A full 95 per cent of 18–29-year-olds also react positively to receiving personal cards and letters. This makes it easy to spot the opportunities direct advertising continues to hold for smart marketers and business owners.

In the latest issue of The Page (Two Sides), several of the articles have the same message. A neuro-science report by Royal Mail, Why Mails Cuts Through, concludes that mail not only was remembered more, it actually generated greater engagement than both email and social media. The report also reveals that when a consumer sees a piece of mail before he or she is subject to a related social media advertising, it results in an overall improved campaign effectiveness.

So, in other words, direct marketing is still a valid channel for reaching customers. Plain and simple, print loves digital, and using the best of both worlds will give you a real shot at the numbers you dream of.


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