Since 1960 the Lithuanian Artists’ Association publishes the art magazine DAILÉ. It’s a biannual publication presenting Lithuanian artists along with their work, ranging from photography and sculptures to illustrations and traditional portraits. During the years, it has been an appreciated publication among professional artists in Lithuania. Although enjoyed by its audience, DAILÉ was considered somewhat outdated, not having been updated for more than a decade. As Saulė Mažeikaitė-Teiberė from the publishing house of Lithuanian Artists’ Association puts it:

“We wanted the magazine to attract a wider and younger audience. The aim was to make the magazine trendier, lighter and inspirational, rather than a being a traditional art album.”

Said and done, the designer Miglė Rudaitytė-Černiauskienė (Boy Creative Studio) in Vilnius was asked to help DAILÉ transform and shift shape. It was somewhat of a challenge, as the magazine has a rich legacy that needed to be taken into consideration. She decided to honour the past, going back to the 60’s and flipping through hundreds of pages in old issues of the magazine, in search of inspiration and the “soul” of the publication. When designing the updated magazine, it was essential to keep the soft look and feel, being respectful to the past while still fresh and inspiring.

Here’s where the Holmen Paper customer magazine Paper came into play. During the design phase, paper merchant Antalis was contacted in order to help find the perfect paper quality for the art magazine. Daiva Mažvilaitė-Varnienė at Antalis is an enthusiastic subscriber to Paper and immediately saw the potential match between DAILÉ and the paper grades from Holmen Paper.

“In my profession I’m mainly working with advertising agencies and publishing houses, so it’s important to always be on top of what’s new and the trends within paper and print. It’s my mission to share my knowledge with customers, to bring the news and to show possibilities. Paper is really helpful in this. The magazine inspires me and helps me think outside the box, and it also comes with a lot of useful and practical information. The format of the magazine and the eye-catching cover is really attractive to designers. And last, but not least – Paper is a great way to present the Holmen Paper products.”

When Daiva introduced Paper to the designers, they immediately fell in love with the natural look and the touch and feel of the paper. Going through the Holmen Paper product range they finally decided to go for Holmen BOOK Extra, as they felt it had the feel and look of the old days, yet with a modern twist. In other words, ticking the box of all the criteria they had for the design.

The final step was to convince the Lithuanian Arts Association that the paper would do the art images justice, with a perfect print quality. Once they tried it, there was no doubt and the 71st issue of DAILÉ, and the first in the new design, was published in the spring of 2018.