Our story

Holmen Paper is a sustainable paper company and this is our story. But naturally, a film can never do us full justice, because we are better on paper.

See the film and then expand your knowledge - if you like - by reading more about the different parts under the links below.

What we mean when we talk about history

More than grainy images: the last 400 years are here concluded in short. This part of the story includes weapons and arms, the first paper machine, and how papermaking became an industry. The demand for paper grew. Mills were built in strategically smart positions on the Swedish coast.


We have lived this long by constantly adapting and challenging traditions. We are old enough to know a lot – and still young enough to care a lot.

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Why sustainability isn't just a word, it's our backbone


Reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is important for everyone in order to reach the global objectives. Everyone! But how many companies can say they really contribute to this? We can. However, sustainability means more to us. Within Holmen, we take care of the forest, with regards to the environment and biodiversity. We also need to take care of the people, inside our organisation and the world around us.



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Community engagement with a healthy dose of humility

As we said, our job is to empower other people.


Read more about our projects promoting topics as diverse as reading, sports on amateur and elite levels, labour market initiatives, and cultural activities. We all benefit in a society where every person has their own good conditions to grow and develop. Female engineering and sports for youth in integration areas are only two of the recent projects close to our heart.

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Whatever you choose to fill that paper with ...

We will do everything in our power to give you the absolutely best medium for your message.


Read more about the use of our paper for magazines, books, retail marketing, office products and packaging. It’s light, high-quality and cost-efficient. And don’t forget – to get a true conception of our paper, you really need to hold in your hand, feel it, smell it, hear the sound of the pages turning. Ask us for samples for your own productions.

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