We believe in nature, we believe in technology and we believe in the opportunities that arise from combining the two. When we get nature and technology to work in harmony, we can make progress that benefits people, the environment and society. 

Our business rests on the power of the forests, the rivers and the wind. It focuses on how we can intelligently use technology and engineering to create the fossil-free, recyclable products the world needs. As a Swedish forest company, we have a fantastic opportunity to help bring about solutions to some of the world’s major challenges of the future – climate change in particular.  

Our growing forests reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, our products replace fossil alternatives and our production of hydropower and wind power helps to switch to a renewable energy system. In this way, we provide solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges – meeting the needs of a growing population while at the same time reducing climate change. 

Climate benefit 

In 2020 Holmen’s operations contributed towards a climate benefit of 6.4 million tonnes CO2e, equivalent to 12 per cent of emissions in Sweden. 

  • 1.4 million tonnes were absorbed in the growing volume of standing timber in our forests 
  • 3.7 million tonnes were stored in and replaced by wood products (2.2) and by paper and paperboard (1.5) 
  • 1.7 million tonnes were replaced by our renewable production of electricity from wind and water (1.2) and from bioenergy (0.5) 
  • Fossil emissions from Holmen's production have decreased by 85 percent over the past ten years. In 2020, the total emissions from Holmen's production and transport amounted to the equivalent of 0.4 million tonnes of CO2e. 

How we make a difference 

In our strive for a sustainable future, we focus in particular on three areas where we have the greatest opportunities to make a positive difference, not only in the future but already today: the climate, our customers' sustainable business and in the local communities in which we operate. 

With growing, healthy forests, renewable energy production, resource and energy-efficient production of climate-smart products and a values-driven company culture, we have major opportunities to do our part in creating sustainable development 

Through active and sustainable forestry, we increase growth in the forest so that we get more renewable raw material to refine. And together with our customers, we develop fossil-free products that can replace more climate-damaging alternatives. We are also actively involved in our employees and in the local communities where we operate and have a significant role as an employer. Not least because our business creates employment in rural areas and helps enable people to live and work outside the big cities. 

Together with our customers and partners, we continue to develop new sustainable solutions where nature and technology meet.