Holmen’s AGM, held on Wednesday 13 April 2016, resolved in favour of implementation of a long-term share saving program directed to the members of the Executive Management, the Business Area Managers and a number of key employees of the Holmen Group. The program shall be implemented after the Annual General Meeting 2016 in Holmen.

The overall purpose of the Program is to closely align the participants’ interests with those of the shareholders and to create a long-term commitment to Holmen. The Program is intended to attract and retain employees who are critical to Holmen’s on-going success. 

The AGM also resolved that the company’s commitment to deliver shares to the participants in the share saving program will be completed by transfers of previously held as treasury shares. 

For more information about the share saving program, please see The Board’s proposal concerning a share saving programme for senior executives.



Debt/equity ratio

Net turnover (Msek)
16 055

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