The lake systems in Norrköping and Finspång offer superb opportunities for long and varied trips. Sometimes the lakes are connected to each other by rivers or sounds, or it may take a short walk or bit of lifting to reach the next body of water on your trip.

The following routes are popular with canoeists in the summer and skaters in the winter. Put your body to the test on the full tour, or simply choose the section of the route that best suits you.

  • ‘The Seven Lakes Tour’: Näknen - Vekmangen - Svängbågen - Haggölen - Övre Glottern - Övre Herrgölen - Nedre Herrgölen
  • ‘The Finspång Tour’: Ormlången - Flaten - Börjelsån - Björkesjön - Västjuten - Mellanjuten - Östjuten - Hemtvaren - Mellantvaren - Långtvaren


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