All Sweden’s forests are open to the general public under the Right of Common Access, which allows people to go practically anywhere in the countryside as long as they do not disturb or damage anything. This creates all sorts of opportunities for outdoor pursuits in Holmen’s forests and across Sweden.

The Right of Common Access applies both on land and on the water, giving people the right to swim from beaches, cycle across the countryside, pick flowers and berries and make a camp fire in suitable locations. Special rules apply in protected areas such as national parks and nature reserves.

The Right of Common Access offers an opportunity to be on someone else’s land without obtaining their permission, and gives the public extensive freedom to enjoy nature. It is enshrined in one of Sweden’s four fundamental laws (chapter 2, paragraph 15 of the Instrument of Government). The Right of Common Access is not a law in itself, and there is also no law exactly defining it. However, it is surrounded by laws that set the limits of what is permitted.

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