Hunting in Holmen Skog forests is part of the yield from the land and of the stewardship of the forests. Game populations in balance with what nature and the growing forest can tolerate are the principal objective of hunting on Holmen land.

Hunting on Holmen Skog land must be undertaken by well trained hunters with sound judgment who collaborate with neighbouring hunters and other users of the land.

We aim for long-term collaboration with the hunters in order to be able to build up and maintain healthy stocks of game with the right population level. As well as being a source of recreation, hunting, particularly for elk, has a regulating function. The size of the elk population has to be adapted to the availability of grazing so that serious damage to young Holmen forests is avoided.

We require of hunters on our land that they familiarise themselves with the rules that apply to hunting at Holmen Skog. We also require them to follow the regulations on culling that they will regularly receive.

There is more to being a hunter than merely harvesting the game nature produces. Being a hunter also means monitoring game and the natural environment outside the hunting season. We therefore encourage active care of game and fauna among those who hunt on our land in order to increase both the skills of individual hunters and solidarity within the hunting party.

Hunters in Holmen Skog are welcome to discuss game and fauna issues with the forest region responsible for the area.

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