A refreshing morning dip in June, a cooling swim in the height of summer, or taking to the warm waters as summer turns to autumn. Bathing in a lake or in the sea is a great way of being at one with nature.

There are many fantastic bathing spots in Holmen’s forests. Here are our tips on some of the best. There are both well organised beaches and wild bathing spots to be enjoyed along the various shores.

Stora Skiren (Finspång)

This lovely lake has a popular, child-friendly shoreline. There is a large car park just off the shore at the eastern end of the lake. The north and south shores of the lake have some excellent rocks for sunbathing.

Getting here: Exit Route 51 between Norrköping and Finspång heading towards Lotorp and Igelfors. Drive for 7.5 km. The lake is to the left of the road.

Västjuten (Finspång)

Västjuten is a long and narrow lake lined in parts with some very exciting and attractive pine forest. There are many fantastic wild bathing spots along the shoreline and Holmen also has a shelter with fire pit (link to Excursions tab) on the north-east shore of the lake that you are welcome to use.

Getting here: Exit Route 51 between Norrköping and Finspång heading towards Rejmyre. Drive for 10 km. Turn left towards Mottorp and Tjuttorp and drive for around 11 km. The lake is on the left-hand side and you can park by the shelter. Lovely wild bathing spots can be found all around the lake.

Sörsjön (Norrköping)

This is a child-friendly lake with a sandy beach. The lake is surrounded by forest with numerous cultural trails. There is a large car park right by the beach.

Getting here: By car, take Route 55 north from Norrköping towards Katrineholm. Turn off at the sign for Sörsjön, north of Åby. Follow signs for Sörsjön.
Bus 437, Sörsjön stop.

Svängbågen (Norrköping)

Svängbågen is a long, curving lake with many spots for wild bathing. Holmen has a shelter with fire pit in the eastern part of the lake that you are welcome to use to cook food in the open air. There are various little points where you can pull off and park along the road that goes all the way around the lake, with a larger car park in the far north and south.

Getting here: By car take Route 55 from Norrköping towards Katrineholm and turn off to the right after around 18 km to head for the south end of the lake. To reach the north end, drive for around 23 km and then turn right towards St Brevik.

Fjälludden (Örnsköldsvik)

This natural harbour is part of the project ‘A World Class Archipelago’. Holmen leases out the land here so that the Municipality of Örnsköldsvik can make this stunning area accessible to the general public. A barbecue area, cabin, sauna, outside toilet and car park are set to be created in 2014. Fjälludden can be reached by boat and car.

Getting here: From Örnsköldsvik: drive towards Gullvik and turn right towards Genesön. At Genesön turn left and drive for around 2.8 km to reach the rocky shore of Fjälludden.



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