Selling wood to us is easy. The procedure is as follows:

1. Contact Holmen’s wood buyers

Meet one of our wood buyers to discuss what you need and the conditions in your forest. We then go out and get an overview of your forest. You are welcome to come along with us. At the same time you will receive forestry advice from our wood buyers and be given an opportunity to ask questions.

2. Action plan

After you have met your wood buyer, we give you a suggested list of recommended actions for a period of up to three years. The action plan contains recommendations for thinning, clear-cutting and silviculture. You choose for yourself whether you want help with these actions or prefer to carry them out yourself. Holmen Skog offers a broad range of forest services for simple and profitable forest ownership.

3. Form of transaction

The form the wood transaction takes can vary depending on what suits you best. We can help you with felling, or you can arrange that for yourself.

4. Contracts

We draw up a contract for felling work or wood for delivery. Advance payments can be made on request. In addition, you receive interest on the proceeds from a timber right six months after the contract date, regardless of whether felling has taken place or not. We also draw up contracts for silviculture services and forest fuel where appropriate.

5. Felling and reports

After felling, the wood is transported to an industrial facility, where the Timber Measurement Association performs impartial grading and measurement. You will receive reports on measured timber. You can monitor the progress of the felling work through our online service, Your Holmen Web Service, where you can also access forest maps for your property.

6. Final report

You will receive a final report that provides a complete picture of the delivery when everything has been finally measured. All that then remains is for final payment to take place, in accordance with your preferences.

7. Annual statement

You will receive an annual listing of the wood transactions you have made with us. Check the details against your own records and tax return.





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