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Thinning is one of the most important and at the same time most profitable measures implemented for ensuring that the forest will develop in a valuable way.

 There are many reasons for thinning. Skilful and thorough thinning pays dividends when the wood is sold. Thinning is also a long-term investment that promotes the growth of the forest stands that remain. First and foremost, quality is determined by choosing the right trees. But it is also important to encourage the right species of tree at every individual growth site in the forest. The need to protect the natural environment is self-evident in forestry. Well-planned and correctly implemented thinning is a way to develop and manage the natural and cultural values of the forest.


Holmen Skog has the competence and resources required to make the very best of each owner´s forest stands and wishes. Thinning is a precision process which places considerable demands on men and machines. Holmen Skog naturally strives to achieve completely damage-free thinning. To be approved, thinning operations may damage no more than 5 per cent of the trunks in a stand. The Holmen Skog forest-operations team regularly checks the damage profile. The results can be passed on to the forest owner, if required.


Continuous developments in machinery and methods have led to dramatic reductions in forwarding costs. Since 1990, the harvesting cost of every cubic metre of wood has been halved. Holmen Skog is able to calculate the economic benefits of specific thinning operations in advance.


Increased forest growth in 40 years

More wood replacing products
with adverse climate impact

The Holmen Group

Holmen is a forest industry group that manufactures printing paper, paperboard and sawn timber and runs forestry and energy production operations. The company’s extensive forest holdings and its high proportion of energy production are strategically important resources for its future growth.

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