The way regeneration is carried out has a great impact on what the forests of the future will look like. Regeneration performed well is pleasing to the eye and offers a promise of future return.


Scarification creates a favourable site for seedling growth or a seed bed for germination. This involves removal of competing vegetation and exposure of the mineral soil. Different types of ground require different types of treatment. Holmen Skog´s personnel are highly experienced and well qualified, and will be pleased to advise on the most appropriate scarification method.



Planting is a proven method that produces good results in most biotopes. Successful planting gives the new stand a quick start, which is particularly important on fertile soil types, where other vegetation competes with the seedlings. To ensure success, it is important to choose the right type of seedling and the most appropriate moment to plant with respect to the specific biotope.  



Seeding can be a good alternative to planting on some types of soil. However, seeding is a more limited method than planting.




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