Being a forest entrepreneur is an increasingly complex business. We help you to make the right decisions and make your forest ownership secure and profitable.

Based on your preferences, we jointly create an optimum management plan for your property. We offer suggestions, but you are always the one who makes the decisions.

Personal forest administrator

Forest expertise is provided by a contact at Holmen who works with you to customise solutions for the long-term management of the property during the contract period.

Full service

Forestry management is a full-service concept that covers all forest management of your property.

Guaranteed sale

The sale of wood from your property is guaranteed with forestry management. This is reassuring in surplus situations, such as in the event of storm felling.


The service includes annually updating your forest management plan. In addition, you will receive an annual follow-up and presentation of the actions we have taken during the year.

Added value

You will receive invitations to various events, such as forest evenings, hunting, and sports and cultural events.


More wood replacing products
with adverse climate impact

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