An up-to-date forest-management plan is a good tool for ensuring efficient utilisation of the forest, both in economic and ecological terms.

The forest management plan is a valuable tool in the planning of silviculture on your property. It is a cost-effective investment that pays for itself in the form of better knowledge of the forest stand and greater wood revenue.


Such a plan also forms an excellent basis in contacts with public authorities and partners in the forest industry.


The forest management plan provides a better basis on which to make decisions and contributes to improving the economic return on the property. For it to continue to be a valuable aid, it should be regularly updated. If you wish to update the forest management plan yourself, you can buy the computer program the plan is created in from us. You can also purchase our GPS package, which includes the forest management plan and GPS.


The forest management plan includes the following:


Forest facts

  • Productive forest land and other land
  • Timber volume
  • Growth
  • Age classification
  • Natural assets

Management recommendations

Description of each individual stand with suggestions as to how it should be managed.



General map and maps linked to suggested actions.



More wood replacing products
with adverse climate impact

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