Forest fertilisation is a highly cost-effective measure to increase growth and value in your forest.

When you fertilise your forest, the mean stem volume of the trees increases, resulting in greater wood value and lower felling costs. The increase in growth after forest fertilisation is around 13–20 cubic metres standing volume per hectare over a period of ten years.


Forest fertilisation is done around ten years prior to planned felling so that the forest can derive maximum benefit from fertiliser application. The age of the forest should therefore be in the range of 40-90 years at the time of fertilisation.


The fertiliser used mainly consists of nitrogen but also contains calcium, magnesium and boron.


The fertiliser is applied using helicopters or tractors. All our vehicles are equipped with Holmen’s digital forest maps and GPS receivers, guaranteeing that the fertiliser can be spread with very high precision. Advanced computer programs also allow for very accurate dosing. Fertilisation is not carried out in the protection zones created alongside water, roads, adjoining land and woodland key habitats.



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