You can increase the value of your forest and at the same gain substantial revenue by looking after it correctly. We offer a broad range of services that make your forestry secure, simple and profitable.


When you thin your forest, you obtain revenue while the forest increases in value. 

Forest fuel

Increases the return from your forest and contributes to replacing forest fuels. 


Cleaning is a very cost-effective measure that already pays for itself at the thinning stage.


Forest is a long-term investment and harvest is your reward. It is also the time when the foundation is laid for new stands that will cover the ground for a long time ahead. 


How silviculture is carried out affects what the forest of the future will be like. 

Forest management plan

A valuable tool for anyone wishing to pursue profitable forestry. 

Forest action plan

Shows what action is appropriate in your forest in the short term. 

Forestry management

We help you to create profitability in your forest ownership. 

Forestry agreement

We help you towards simple, secure and profitable forest ownership. 

Forest certification

You can certify your forest to PEFC, FSC® or both. 

Holmen's web and app for forest owners

You can quickly see what work is in progress in your forest with our web service. The app shows your forest management plan.




More wood replacing products
with adverse climate impact

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