Our wind power production

As a major landowner, Holmen has great potential to play its part in the expansion of wind power in areas with good wind conditions – both independently and in partnership with other stakeholders.

Varsvik wind farm

Holmen’s land in Varsvik, north-west of its paper mill in Hallstavik, is home to the largest wind farm in the Uppland region. The wind farm was built in partnership with the investment fund Eurofideme 2 and boasts 17 turbines. The good wind conditions and proximity to the national grid make this area ideal for the production of wind power.

• No. of turbines: 17
• Construction cost: SEK 650 million
• Holmen’s share of the facility: 50 %
• Annual production: 83 GWh
• Year of construction: 2014


Sustainable wind power

The production of wind power only draws on the natural forces of the wind – no fossil emissions and no impact on the climate.

Facts about wind power


Ongoing projects

Read more about our ongoing wind power projects here.

Ongoing projects